Bob Cavicchi, CRA, FOPS - Bob earned his Commercial Photography Degree from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, 1977. He started as an ophthalmic photographer in 1978, Ophthalmic Photography Society (OPS) member since 1979, Certified Retinal Angiographer (CRA) in 1983.  He was elected in 1996 and served three consecutive terms as a member of the OPS Board of Education (BOE). In 2008 Bob was elected to and is currently serving a two year term as Vice president of the OPS. Elected as a Fellow of the OPS (FOPS) 2006. Bob is one of the founding members of the New England Chapter of the OPS (NEOPS) and currently serves as the NEOPS President and Treasurer.

Tom Monego, CRA - Tom has his BFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design, He has an ophthalmic photographer since 1976, and over the years has given lectures in subjects from fundus photography to OR film making. Tom has been involved with digital imaging since 1986 and had his own digital imaging business from 1993 to 2004. Tom currently serves as the NEOPS Vice President.